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"Nature Machine Dream"

- Until 08.05.2022

© Michiel De Cleene

Nature Dream Machine brings together sculptures from a number of Luke Routledge’s recent exhibitions, stitched together alongside new works to present the next chapter of what he calls his living, collage territory. Through this constructed world framework, Routledge’s practice explores the fabric of a fictional multiverse and the fantastical beings that inhabit it.

The title Nature Dream Machine is used to describe the autonomous conceptual device that is now central to Routledge’s artistic practice. The word Nature reflects upon the growth of this ever evolving speculative habitat and the presentation of its territories. Dream Machine is appropriated from the name given to the device created by Beat Generation artists Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs, which generates hallucinogenic visual stimuli to those that encounter it. Brought together the words Nature Dream Machine give a name to the filter of Routledge’s working process.

Through the assembling of this otherverse and its multicolored inhabitants, Routledge presents an untethered reality. A realm of dismantled and reassembled bodies; a place of nonsensical narrative fragmentation, seen through a lens of kaleidoscopic allegory.

Luke Routledge (b.1988) studied BA Fine Art at Loughborough University UK. He works across a range of media including sculpture, painting, animatronics and animation. These various media are employed to detail a fictional landscape and its inhabitants in an ever expanding world building project.

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