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"fade away / radiate"

- Until 09.04.22

© Images courtesy of ZEIT

Seeing, appearing, disappearing… The works shown in fade away / radiate, ZEIT’s expo #8, have one thing in common: they challenge the way we look at things, how we perceive a surface or an object, how light and shadow alter the observation. Now you see me, now you don’t – or at least in a different light. The images that Nienke Baeckelandt (°1989) creates, are often the result of ‘concentrations’: they capture the intensity of a certain moment. In her recent work, she explores the boundaries of what we notice or, on the contrary, simply pass by.

Fiona Koene (°1976) has always been intrigued by shadow play and daylight. Her delicate works are blind embossed on fine art paper and come to life under oblique lighting. By seeking clear simplicity, her artwork is reduced to its most essential line and form, from which the work derives its strength.

Antonia Lambelé (°1943) is a leading name in the world of geometric abstraction, concrete art and constructivism. Her oeuvre demonstrates how number and measure result in a poetry of proportion and distribution, of rhythm and relationship. Her materials of choice are light and transparence.

Carianne Wijffels’ (°1974) ephemeral works fit the exhibition’s theme perfectly. Using grids and cuts, omissions and incisions, fragmentation and layers, the artist creates dreamlike compositions, fragile and mysterious. What you see is not always what you get.


Includes works by: Nienke Baeckelandt, Fiona Koene, Antonia Lambelé, Carianne Wijffels, Emmanuel Segaut, Filip Collin, Mark Verstockt, Karl Gerstner, Francine Holley, Karl Georg Pfahler, Luc Peire, Cel Overberghe, Georges Collignon, Victor Vasarely, Paul Van Hoeydonck, Suzanne Van Damme, Walter Leblanc, Ludwig Wilding, Lothar Quinte, Jan De Bondt, Sol LeWitt

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