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"A box is a box is a box"

by Harold Lechien, Frizbee Ceramics and Gabriel René Franjou

- Until 09.10.2022

Triphasé presents «A box is a box is a box», a video installation born from a collaboration between Harold Lechien, Frizbee Ceramics and Gabriel René Franjou.


The main players in online sales enjoy a stranglehold on contemporary commerce. Alongside the considerable quantity of products delivered every day, a large part of their catalog simply remains ignored or abandoned. Unsold items are sometimes destroyed, and the return rate on sales nears 20%. E-commerce companies call upon others, specialized in inventory clearance, to repackage and resell these articles in more or less random batches.

For A box is a box is a box, the artists purchased some of these randomized lots and filmed their unboxing in the exhibition space. As we attempt to breach the circulation of goods, an additional link infiltrates its abstract and crushing logic ; and by distorting amateur unboxing videos shared on the internet, experience takes over : the tactile, material, and sensory experience of opening, discovering and accumulating stuff - because that’s what it is, mostly : just stuff. As we fluctuate between euphoria and nihilism, we are brought to feel the absurd emotion of global production and consumption.


FRIZBEE CERAMICS is a creative platform that produces ceramic objects and mixed media installations.

Founded in 2017, by Lisa Egio and Elliot Kervyn who live and work between Brussels and London. First trained in anthropology and architecture, they followed a postgraduate in sculpture at the Royal College of Arts in London in 2019-20.

Egio and Kervyn’s contextual installations become laboratories for experimentation.

With humor and self-derision they critically examine structures of object manufacture and consumption. With a particular interest in the loss of control over production techniques and processes, as well as commercial and psychological patterns that channel the consumption of material and abstract objects.

Harold Lechien is a multidisciplinary artist and musician who lives and works in Brussels. With sculpture or through the prism of new media, Harold Lechien aims to distort commercial goods, promotional logic and the language that accompanies them. Regularly exhibited in Belgium and abroad since 2018, his work takes a singular look at the circulation of emotions that emerge from the production and reception of images and industrial products. Halfway between design and commercial scenography, his work is deployed through objects, images and videos within polymorphous and modular installations, where marketing strategy and contemporary creation meet.

Gabriel René Franjou is an artist, writer, and cultural worker living in Brussels. He studies emotion in organic and digital networks, using connectivity as a critical and creative research practice.


Triphasé is an artist-run space that supports emerging artist’s research, located in an industrial building in downtown Brussels. The structure founded by Antoinette d’Ansembourg and Alice Pandolfo in 2021 hosts ten artist studios, a residency program and produces exhibitions.

© Espace Triphasé
Boulevard Poincaré 58B
1070, Anderlecht, Bruxelles.



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