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"LUCKY CHARMS - The Assistants Choice"

- Until 08.10.2022

LUCKY CHARMS is the first edition of The Assistants Choice, curated by the assistants of Ballroom Gallery (Marie Colebunders), DMW Gallery (Mathias Verhoeven) and Base-Alpha Gallery (Yasmin Van der Rauwelaert). Each assistant was invited to make a selection of artists and bring them together into a group exhibition at Ballroom Gallery.

LUCKY CHARMS is a group exhibition with Alice Vanderschoot, Arnaud Eubelen, Arthur Dufoor, Carole Mousset, Che Go Eun, Chloé Arrouy, Dennis Meersman, Elena Minyeyevtseva, Gavin Vanaelst, Geran Knol, Manon van den Eeden, Nicolas Zanoni, Rūdolfs Štamers, Sigurrós G. Björnsdóttir and Tommy Smits.

“A Lucky Charm is an object or person that is thought to bring good luck, also known as a talisman or an amulet. It has an empowering and symbolic meaning, a sacred and hopeful reminder that is very personal to its owner.”

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