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"House Rules"

- Until 21.08.22

Brian Harte works primarily as a painter, creating stark and cinematic images of domesticscenes. Harte balances energetic painterly abstraction with tightly composed interiors, takingconceptual cues from diverse cultural figures as Franz Kafka, Philip Guston, The Brothers Quay,and Albert Oehlen. One of the key features of Brian Harte’s paintings is his bold use of color andthe undetermined state of the depicted figures, midway between sketchy and finished. Theviewer’s eye travels through the richly detailed and chaotic spaces on the large canvases, slowlyfinding familiar elements that may not be noticed at first glance. In his work, Harte explores therelationship betweenabstraction and figuration, between the sketchy and the finished, a processthat resonates with the tradition of British painting.

Brian Harte (IR, 1978) lives and works in Thurles, Ireland. Harte’s work is currently on view atWHAT Museum, Tokyo (JP) and ‘Generation 2022: New Irish Painting, Butler Gallery (IR). Recentsolo exhibitions include ‘8 Paintings ( from the midlands ), MAKI Gallery, Tokyo (JP), ‘EndlessWorlds’, Annarumma Gallery, Napoli (IT), ‘Everything you touch’, GNYP Gallery, Berlin (DE),‘Subbuteo’, These Days, Los Angeles (USA), ‘Table Manners’, Jan Forbes Gallery, Malibu (USA)and ’This Life Domestic’, Ever Gold [Projects], San Francisco (USA). Harte is part of multiplepublic and private collections, including OKETA Collection in Japan,Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg inGermany and Bank of Ireland. He is represented by Simchowitz Gallery in Los Angeles (USA),GNYP Gallery in Berlin (DE) and MAKI Gallery in Tokyo (JP).

T +32 9 324 45 29

Pictures by © Dirk Pauwels



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